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The Politics of Lesbian Sex: Before, During, After

The Politics of Lesbian Sex: Before, During, After

There’s nothing that will reduce an otherwise well modified, smart adult to an awkward, irrational mess like intercourse. As though “just doing it” wasn’t complicated sufficient, navigating the pre and post is similar to attempting to make your path through a maze at night after having forty three margaritas. The important thing is you often become horribly confused with a lot of bush in the face rather than a lot else showing because of it. I’m not certain why it is therefore complicated. It’s allowed to be normal, instinctual, medical also but often it simply ultimately ends up being a little bit of a mess.

In light of my personal fiascoes, frequently in regards to the “morning after,” I’ve made a decision to try to break intercourse (while the politics) on to its component components. My hope being that through analysis i am in a position to unearth a thing that will likely not lead to me personally lying in people’s beds like an item of driftwood dreaming about some type or variety of normal disaster to hit. Supplying the perfect address in my situation to hurry out the home before they get up.

The Before

The very first & most question that is basic it comes down to sex is “when the hell are we planning to do that thing.” May seem pretty direct right? INCORRECT. “Apparently” YOU’LL FIND NOTHING more crucial than determining when you should do so. A conundrum that within my brain is among the most classic catch 22. You do it too early you’re easy or you aren’t taking the courtship seriously when it comes to sex, if. Having said that, before you finally decide to put out if you do it too late you’re a tease and they might just lose interest. Continue reading