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The next hypotheses finished the theoretical model:

The next hypotheses finished the theoretical model:


1806 self-report questionnaires had been administered in 101 classrooms from additional and high schools in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in November 2007. Approval to conduct the study had been acquired from the school that is local and through the principals of every school contained in the sample. Moms and dads had been informed through the trained instructors therefore the pupils’ permission has also been requested for playing the study. Both online and offline, a special part was dedicated to issues related to online-offline dating although the questionnaire aimed to encompass a variety of activities and behaviors.

On typical, boys inside our sample make an online search for 3 hours for a college time (Std. Deviation =1.856) and 5.44 hours for a week-end time

(Std. Deviation=3.311), while girls utilze the internet for 2.77 hours on a college time and 4.61 for a weekend day. Additionally, the teenagers have used the world wide web for 2.88 years on average (Std. Deviation=2.123). Nearly half them work with a cam if they talk on IM, men being less selective than girls (girls make use of the cam with a friends that are few guys with practically anybody inside their list – the real difference is significant, r=. 143, p Teenagers’ Actions and Interactions Online in Central and Eastern Europe. Potentials and Empowerment, dangers and victimization. Cluj: Cluj University Press.

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